MARTENS side that I have found began with Johann George MAERTINS boen 1770 in Germany and Maria Christine LINDEMANN born 1777.

Then there was Johann Heinrich Christian MARTENS born 4 June 1808 in Groppendorf, Chrekreis, Sachsen, Anhalt, Deutschland who married in Germany Cartharina Marie Elisabeth KOIE born 1808 in Groppendorf. Their children were:
  • Marie Martens 1844
  • Sophie Martens 1845
  • Carl Martens 1847
Their son, Johann Christian Theodore MARTENS born 3 Dec 1840 in Vietschow, Mecklenberg, Vorpommen, Germany and died 20 Oct 1903 in IA. Johann was a bricklayer in Davenport, IA. In Germany he married Sophia Carolina Friederika RHODA. born in Retzow, Mecklenberg, Vorpommenn, Germany on 26 Mar 1845 died 24 Apr 1894 in Davenport. Both are buried at the Fairmount Cemetery in Davenport, Iowa.  1880 US Census shows residing at 723 W. 8th Street, Davenport, IA. Their children:
  • Carolina Lee MARTENS 13 Mar 1865-10 Mar 1931 in Davenport. She married J.H. ZOECKLER and is buried at the Oakdale Cemetery
  • Wilhelmina "Minnie" MARTENS 21 Mar 1870- 21 Mar 1929. She married

    Julius VINKE and lived in Rockton, IL and both are buried at the Rockton Cemetery in the family plot. 
  • Carl MARTENS 9 Sept 1875 Maysville, IA - 25 May 1927 Maysville, IA. is buried at the Fairmount Cemetery
  • Emma MARTENS (1872 Iowa -1939) married Thomas KENDALL and is buried at the Redding Cemetery in Redding, California
  • Anna MARTENS (Oct 23, 1882-Nov 24, 1948) married George HOFFMAN (Mar 6 - Sept 6) and is buried at the Fairmount Cemetery.
Carl Martens gravestone 723 W. 8th St., Davenport, IA.
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